rz-ax - Man Page

rizin base converter


rz-ax[-ebBsSvxkKh] [[expr] ...]


This command is part of the rizin project.

This command allows you to convert values between positive and negative integer, float, octal, binary and hexadecimal values.



Convert from binary string to character (rz-ax -b 01000101)


Keep the same base as the input data


Swap endian.


Read C strings from stdin and output in hexpairs. Useful to load shellcodes


Dump stdin to C array in stdout (xxd replacement)


Convert LONG to/from IP ADDRESS


Append newline to the decoded output for human friendly-ness


Show randomart key asciiart for values or hexpairs


Convert from hex string to character (rz-ax -s 43 4a 50)


Convert from character to hex string (rz-ax -S C J P)


Show hexpairs from integer value


Show hexadecimal C string from integer value


Convert given value to human readable units format


Show program version


Convert a string into a hash


Show usage help message


Convert from octal string to char (rz-ax -o 162 62)


Force output mode (numeric base)

=f floating point
=2 binary
=3 ternary
=8 octal
=10 decimal
=16 hexadecimal

Available variable types are:

int -> hex rz-ax 10
hex -> int rz-ax 0xa
-int -> hex rz-ax -77
-hex -> int rz-ax 0xffffffb3
int -> bin rz-ax b30
bin -> int rz-ax 1010d
float -> hex rz-ax 3.33f
hex -> float rz-ax Fx40551ed8
oct -> hex rz-ax 35o
hex -> oct rz-ax Ox12 (O is a letter)
bin -> hex rz-ax 1100011b
hex -> bin rz-ax Bx63

With no arguments, rz-ax reads values from stdin. You can pass one or more values as arguments.

$ rz-ax 33 0x41 0101b

You can do 'unpack' hexpair encoded strings easily.

$ rz-ax -s 41 42 43

And it supports some math operations.

$ rz-ax

It is a very useful tool for scripting, so you can read floating point values, or get the integer offset of a jump or a stack delta when analyzing programs.

See Also

rizin(1), rz-hash(1), rz-find(1), rz-bin(1), rz-diff(1), rz-gg(1), rz-run(1), rz-asm(1)


Written by pancake <pancake@nopcode.org>.

Referenced By

rizin(1), rz-asm(1), rz-bin(1), rz-diff(1), rz-find(1), rz-hash(1), rz-sign(1).

December 28, 2020