rxsubcom man page

rxsubcom ā€” Open Object Rexx Subcommand Administrator


rxsubcom REGISTER environment sharedLibrary function

rxsubcom QUERY sharedLibrary [function]

rxsubcom DROP sharedLibrary [function]

rxsubcom LOAD sharedLibrary [function]


The rxsubcom command registers, drops, and queries Rexx subcommand handlers. A Rexx program can use rxsubcom to register dynamic-link library subcommand handlers. Once the subcommand handler is registered, the Rexx program can send commands to the subcommand handler with the Rexx ADDRESS instruction.

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rxsubcom register mysub libmysub.so StartMySub

Registers the mysub environment in the libmysub.so shared library

rxsubcom drop libmysub.so

Drops the subcommand environment provided by the shared library libmysub.so


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