rxqueue - Man Page

The Regina Rexx Interpreter external queue filter


rxqueue [-h, --help] [-D, --debug] [-t string, --text string] [queue] [/fifo | /lifo | /clear | /pull | /queued]


rxqueue is a utility that provides access to the Regian Rexx external queue daemon (rxstack). It acts as a filter by placing lines onto a queue via stdin or a single line with the -t or --text switches. Lines can be pulled off the queue to stdout


-h, ā€‰--help

Displays short help.

-D, ā€‰--debug

Turns debugging on -t string, --text string Places the single line specified in string onto an optional queue in the order specified by /fifo or /lifo


The name of the queue to use. Format is queuename[@machine][:port]. If not specified the queue name used is SESSION on localhost using the default port.



Stacks the contents of stdin onto the queue in first in, first out order.


Stacks the contents of stdin onto the queue in last in, first out order.


Removes all lines currently stacked in the queue.


Extracts the next line from the queue to stdout and removes it from the queue.


Returns the number of lines stacked on the queue to stdout


rxqueue uses the following environment variables if set.


Enables debugging. Same as specifying -D or --debug option.


The port number on which rxstack listens. By default this is 5757.


The name of the queue to be used if not specified by the client using rxqueue. By default this is SESSION.


Anders Christensen, University of Trondheim, Norway <anders (at) pvv.unit.no>.


Changes to Regina since 0.07a, Mark Hessling <mark (at) rexx.org> with significant assistance from Florian Grosse-Coosmann.

See Also


There are several good reference books on Rexx. The most famous is "The Rexx Language" by Mike Cowlishaw. Visit http://www.rexxla.org (The Rexx Language Association) for any Rexx related information.

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