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rwall - Man Page

send a message to users logged on a host


rwallhost [file]
rwall-n netgroup [file]


The rwall command sends a message to the users logged into the specified host or to users on all hosts in the specified netgroup. The message to be sent can be typed in and terminated with EOF or it can be in a file.


rwall: RPC: Program not registered

The rpc.rwalld(8) daemon has not been started on the remote host.

rwall: RPC: Timed out

A communication error occurred. Either the network is excessively congested, or the rpc.rwalld(8) daemon has terminated on the remote host.

rwall: RPC: Port mapper failure - RPC: Timed out

The remote host is not running the portmapper (see portmap(8) ), and cannot accomodate any RPC-based services. The host may be down.

See Also

wall(1), portmap(8), rpc.rwalld(8)


The rwall command appeared in SunOS.

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August 15, 1999