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Configure, build and test bleading edge perl


    $ ./ [options] <buildcfg>


Most of the switches are implemented for backward  compatibility, but some had to go in faviour of the new regime of  front-ends.

Configuration file
    --config|-c <configfile>  Use the settings from the configfile can use the configuration file created by  Other options can override the settings  from the configuration file. If the config-filename is omitted smokecurrent_config is assumed.

Overridable options

These options will also override the values in the configfile  (if the --config switch is used).

    --fdir|--forest|-f <dir>  Set the basedir for forest
    --locale|-l <somelocale>  Set the UTF-8 for special testrun
    --[no]force-c-locale      Force (or not) $ENV{LC_ALL}="C"
    --[no]is56x               This is (not) a perl 5.6.x smoke
    --[no]defaultenv          This is (not) a non $ENV{PERLIO} smoke

    --ddir|-d <dir>           Set the build directory
    --cfg <buildcfg>
    --killtime|-k <killtime>  Set a killtime
    --verbose|-v <0..2>       Verbose level
Win32 options (overridable)
    --w32cc|--win32-cctype    <BORLAND|GCC|MSVC20|MSVC|MSVC60>
    --w32make|--win32-maker   <dmake|nmake>
General options
    --continue                Try to continue an aborted smoke
    --dry-run|-n              dry run...
    --help|-h                 This message
    --man                     The full manpage

Description is the replacement script for (which is now  depricated and will not be maintained).

See Also

Test::Smoke, Test::Smoke::Smoker


2023-01-20 perl v5.36.0 User Contributed Perl Documentation