rundig man page

rundig — sample script to create a search database for ht://Dig


rundig [options]


rundig is a sample script to create a search database for the ht://Dig search engine.


Verbose mode. This increases the verbosity of the program.
Use alternate work files.
Print statistics about the dig after completion
-c configfile
Use alternate config file.
Use incremental digging instead non-incremental

See Also

Please refer to the HTML pages (in the htdig-doc package) /usr/share/doc/htdig-doc/html/index.html and the manual pages htdig(1) , htmerge(1) , htnotify(1) , htfuzzy(1) for a detailed description of ht://Dig and its commands.


This manual page was written by Christian Schwarz, modified by Gergely Madarasz and Stijn de Bekker, based on the HTML documentation of ht://Dig.

Referenced By

htdig(1), htfuzzy(1).

23 April 1999