rubikrotation - Man Page

rubikrotation (v5.0)


A. Syropoulos and R.W.D. Nickalls (25 February 2018)



rubikrotation is a Perl script for processing Rubik cube rotations (3x3x3 and 2x2x2). It is part of the LaTeX rubikrotation package, and is typically CALLed by rubikrotation.sty, in response to the RubikRotation{} command: see the package manual (rubikrotation.pdf) for details. The rubikrotation package is part of the LaTeX Rubik `bundle'. The latest version can be downloaded from


rubikrotation reads Rubik state data and commands (sequence of rotations) from an input file, and writes the new state data to an output file. The input and output filenames can be  specified as command-line arguments (see: command-line use).

If a configuration file exists (rubikrotation.cfg) then it will be automatically be read by rubikrotation.sty.

Command-Line Use

rubikrotation  [-h|--help|-v|--version] [-o  <outfile>]  -i  <infile>

-h displays the help info and exits.

-v displays the version info and exits.

-i defines the input filename. The default input filename set by  the rubikrotation package is rubikstate.dat, and this is generated by the LaTeX RubikRotation{} command (see the rubikrotation LaTeX package manual rubikrotation.pdf).  Note that the rubikrotation perl script expects the input file to have a certain structure, as described in rubikrotation.pdf and rubikrotationPL.pdf).

-o defines the output filename. If no output filename is given then the default filename rubikOUT.txt is used.

See Also

The rubikrotation Perl script manual (rubikrotationPL.pdf), the rubikrotation LaTeX package manual (rubikrotation.pdf), examples (rubikexamples.pdf), the rubikcube LaTeX package manual (rubikcube.pdf), and the rubikpatterns LaTeX package manuals (rubikpatterns.pdf and rubikpatternsLIST.pdf).

To view  rubikrotation.pdf, type:  texdoc rubikrotation

To view  rubikrotationPL.pdf, type:  texdoc rubikrotationPL

To view  rubikcube.pdf, type:  texdoc rubikcube

To view  rubiktwocube.pdf, type:  texdoc rubiktwocube

To view  rubikexamples.pdf, type:  texdoc rubikexamples

To view  rubikpatterns.pdf, type:  texdoc rubikpatterns

To view  rubikpatternsLIST.pdf, type:  texdoc rubikpatternsLIST


Please report bugs to Dick Nickalls or to Apostolos Syropoulos.