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rt-email-group-admin - Man Page

Command line tool for administrating NotifyGroup actions


    rt-email-group-admin --list
    rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify foo team' --group Foo
    rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify foo team as comment' --comment --group Foo
    rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify group Foo and Bar' --group Foo --group Bar
    rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify user foo@bar.com' --user foo@bar.com
    rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify VIPs' --user vip1@bar.com
    rt-email-group-admin --add 'Notify VIPs' --user vip2@bar.com --group vip1 --user vip3@foo.com
    rt-email-group-admin --rename 'Notify VIPs' --newname 'Inform VIPs'
    rt-email-group-admin --switch 'Notify VIPs'
    rt-email-group-admin --delete 'Notify user foo@bar.com'


This script list, create, modify or delete scrip actions in the RT DB. Once you've created an action you can use it in a scrip.

For example you can create the following action using this script:

    rt-email-group-admin --create 'Notify developers' --group 'Development Team'

Then you can add the following scrip to your Bugs queue:

    Condition: On Create
    Action:    Notify developers
    Template:  Transaction
    Stage:     TransactionCreate

Your development team will be notified on every new ticket in the queue.


rt-email-group-admin --COMMAND ARGS



Lists actions and its descriptions.

create NAME [--comment] [--group GNAME] [--user NAME-OR-EMAIL]

Creates new action with NAME and adds users and/or groups to its recipient list. Would be notify as comment if --comment specified.  The user, if specified, will be auto-created if necessary.

add NAME [--group GNAME] [--user NAME-OR-EMAIL]

Adds groups and/or users to recipients of the action NAME.  The user, if specified, will be auto-created if necessary.

delete NAME

Deletes action NAME if scrips doesn't use it.

switch NAME

Switch action NAME from notify as correspondence to comment and back.

rename NAME --newname NEWNAME

Renames action NAME to NEWNAME.


If command has option --group or --user then you can use it more then once, if other is not specified.


Ruslan U. Zakirov <ruz@bestpractical.com>

See Also

RT::Action::NotifyGroup, RT::Action::NotifyGroupAsComment


2024-06-07 perl v5.38.2 User Contributed Perl Documentation