rt-dump-metadata man page

rt-dump-metadata — dump configuration metadata from an RT database


rt-dump-metdata [--all]


"rt-dump-metadata" is a tool that dumps configuration metadata from the Request Tracker database into XML format, suitable for feeding into "rt-setup-database". To dump and load a full RT database, you should generally use the native database tools instead, as well as performing any necessary steps from UPGRADING.

This is NOT a tool for backing up an RT database. See also "initialdata" in docs for more straightforward means of importing data.


"--all" or "-a"
When run with "--all", the dump will include all configuration metadata; otherwise, the metadata dump will only include 'local' configuration changes, i.e. those done manually in the web interface.
"--limit-to-privileged" or "-l"
Causes the dumper to only dump privileged users.
"--skip-disabled" or "-s"
Ignores disabled rows in the database.


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