rstconv man page

rstconv — The Free Pascal resource string converter tool.


rstconv [options] -o outfile


rstconv reads a resource string file ( .rst ) that was produced by the Free Pascal compiler and outputs a file that can be used by an internationalization tool (currently only GNU gettext is supported) for internationalizing your application.


rstconv has one required option: -o outfile to specify the output file name. If no input file is specified, then standard input is assumed.


-f format

Specify the output file format. Currently only the following format is supported:

emit a .po file for use with GNU gettext , which converts it to a .mo file, that can be read with the gettext unit.
-h (or --help)
outputs a short help message.
-i infile
Specifies the input file name. If omitted, then standard input is assumed.
-o outfile
(Required) specify the output file name.

See Also

gettext(1) ppc386(1)


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