rsearch - Man Page

Stress test an LDAP server with search operations


rsearch -D binddn -w bindpw -s suffix -f filter [options]


Stress tests an LDAP server with search operations.


A summary of options is included below:


print Usage (this message)

-h host

ldap server host (default: localhost)

-p port

ldap server port (default: 389)

-S scope

search SCOPE [0,1,or 2]  (default: 2)


bind before every operation


don't unbind -- just close the connection


set linger -- connection discarded when closed


No operation -- just bind (ignore mdc)










operaton: modify non-indexed attr (description). -B required


operaton: modify indexed attr (telephonenumber). -B required


operaton: delete. -B required


operaton: compare. -B required

-i file

name file; used for the search filter

-B file

[DN and] UID file (use '-B \?' to see the format)

-A attrs

list of attributes for search request

-a file

list of attributes for search request in a file

(use '-a \?' to see the format ; -a & -A are mutually exclusive)
-n number

(reserved for future use)

-o number

Search time limit, in seconds; (default: 30; no time limit: 0)

-j number

sample interval, in seconds  (default: 10)

-t number

threads  (default: 1)

-T number

Time limit, in seconds; cmd stops when exceeds <number>


show running average

-C num

take num samples, then stop

-R num

drop connection & reconnect every num searches


Use -B file for binding; ignored if -B is not given


rsearch was written by the 389 Project.

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March 31, 2017