rs232 - Man Page

RS-232 control and serial communications


sjinn ption [options] ...


sjinn -b600 -p7n2 -s"D" -r14 --verbose

Communications Options

-d,  --file [default /dev/ttyS0] serial I/O device
-b,  --baud [default 9600] set baud rate

50,75,110,134,150,200,300,600,1200,1800,2400,9600, 19200,38400,57600,115200,230400

-p,  --comm [default 8N1] set databits,parity,stopbits

(5,6,7,8)(N,E,O)(1,2) note: 3 character string each parameter is a single character i.e. '7N2'  mark and space parity not supported

--xonxoff [default off] XON/XOFF - software flow control
--rtscts [default off] RTS/CTS - hardware flow control
--dtr [default enabled] disable DTR
--rts [default disabled] enable RTS
-s,  --send STRING write string to device

note: in addition to ASCII characters the following  control-chars are supported: \r \n \0 \p \h \w \\

-r,  --read
INT read n characters from device
-w,  --wait
FLOAT [default 0.5] seconds between send & read
FLOAT [default = wait] wait time for pause-character, if not specified it is set to the value of the -w parameter
-m,  --msec
specify \w and \p in milliseconds instead of seconds

Formatting Options

--hex  [default=ASCII] display read buffer in hex values

--hex+ [default=ASCII] display read buffer in hex + ASCII

INT wrap lines at n characters
INT truncate lines at n characters

--n, --nolf do not output the trailing new line



-h,  --help
display this help and exit
-V,  --version
output version and exit

Send String Control-Characters

\\  Back-Slash
\-  Minus-Sign (dash)
\n  LF
\r  CR
\p  Pause

Delay number of seconds/mSec defined by --pause

\w  Wait

Delay number of seconds/mSec specified, number must be followed by a space (example: -s"cmd1\n\w.5 cmd2\n")

\h  Hex Mode

Toggle to/from hex mode, hex codes must be 2-characters followed by a space (example: -s"command1\h9e 4c\h\n")


Brian Peterson, Aspen Research Corporation


Report bugs at <>


This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY


May 2001