rrdlist - Man Page

List directories and rrd databases.


rrdtool list [--daemon|-d address] [--noflush|-F] [--recursive|-r] path


The list function provides an 'ls-like' interface for traversing and listing the rrd database tree.

When using the --daemon option, the list function connects to rrdcached, the RRD caching daemon, and issues a “list” command for the given path.


The path (starting with '/') with '/' being the rrdcached base_dir.

--daemon|-d address

Address of the rrdcached daemon. If not specified, the RRDCACHED_ADDRESS environment variable must be set (see below).  For a list of accepted formats, see the -l option in the rrdcached manual.

 rrdtool list --daemon /cluster/nodes/node1

When using a daemon, rrdtool list will usually flush its cache to the disk before performing operations. This option disables cache flushing.


Make the list of rrd databases recursive.

Environment Variables

The following environment variables may be used to change the behavior of rrdtool list:


If this environment variable is set it will have the same effect as specifying the --daemon option on the command line. If both are present, the command line argument takes precedence.


Sebastien Dugue <sebastien.dugue@atos.net>


2022-03-14 1.8.0 rrdtool