rpmgrill-fetch-build man page

rpmgrill-fetch-build — extract all RPMs and build logs from a Koji build


rpmgrill-fetch-build BUILDINFO DESTDIR

rpmgrill-fetch-build  --help  |  --version | --man


rpmgrill-fetch-build extracts all RPMs and build logs from a koji build. This is a helper step required by the rpmgrill analysis tool.

Usage Examples

  # By name
  $ rpmgrill-fetch-build  coreutils-8.15-10.fc17  my-coreutils-8.15-10.fc17

  # Same thing, by Koji task ID
  $ rpmgrill-fetch-build  381337 my-coreutils-8.15-10.fc17




Download the RPMs and build logs into DESTDIR, then exit cleanly.

RPM filenames will be exactly as downloaded; log files will be named "build.log.ARCH" for all available ARCHes.


URL of the Koji XMLRPC endpoint.

(Default: http://koji.fedoraproject.org/kojihub)


Download URL for the Koji file access.

(Default: http://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/)


Show progress messages.


Emit usage hints.


Display program version.


Display this man page.




If the environment variable $RPMGRILL_FETCH_BUILD_CACHE is defined, and points to an existing directory, and that directory has a subdirectory named N-V-R, rpmgrill-fetch-build fetches RPMs and build logs from there.

The format of this directory is:

    `-- mypkg-1.0-1.fc19/
        |-- build.log.i686
        |-- build.log.x86_64
        |-- mypkg-1.0-1.fc19.i686.rpm
        `-- mypkg-1.0-1.fc19.x86_64.rpm

That is: all *.rpm files (as fetched from koji), and all build logs using the convention "build.log.ARCH" for all available ARCHes.


rpmgrill-fetch-build writes a README file to DESTDIR. On successful completion of all rpms, it will look like:

      Contents: coreutils-8.15-10.fc17
            on: Fri May  3 12:02:03 2013
            by: rpmgrill-fetch-build 0.0
    invoked as: rpmgrill-fetch-build 381337 my-coreutils-8.15-10.fc17

During extraction, or if there's a failure, the README will have the above text and also a note explaining that the directory is incomplete and should not be used.


Ed Santiago <santiago@redhat.com>


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