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rpmgrill - Man Page

static analysis of koji builds


rpmgrill [--disable=LIST] [--verbose] [--blacklist-config=FILE] BASEDIR

rpmgrill  --help  |  --version | --man


rpmgrill analyzes a set of RPMs (typically from a Koji build), looking for problems with the source and/or generated RPMs. Unlike rpmlint, rpmgrill analyzes full builds, not individual RPMs.

rpmgrill is not intended to be run directly by humans: it requires complex prep work to fetch and unpack the build RPMs. rpmgrill is best suited toward a CI environment in which other tools monitor builds, fetch them, run rpmgrill, and report results.

If you are reading this as a casual user, you are almost certainly better off looking into rpmgrill-analyze-local.



List available plugins, then exit.


Disable the given plugins when running. LIST is a comma-separated list of plugin names as listed with --list-plugins. This can be useful for development, when you might want to do quick iterations of a test but not spend 10 minutes in the VirusCheck plugin.


Show progress messages.


Blacklisted tests will not be reported by rpmgrill. Blacklist configuration FILE is in YAML format:

 Plugin1: test1, test2
 Plugin2: test3

and tells rpmgrill that it should not report fails for specified tests within certain plugins.


Emit usage hints.


Display program version.


Display this man page.


rpmgrill writes its results to the files rpmgrill.* in its working directory, for * in json, xml, yaml. Unexpected errors (probably bugs or FIXMEs in rpmgrill) are emitted to stderr.


rpmgrill requires a pre-set-up directory hierarchy containing unpacked RPMs. Documenting that is way beyond the scope of this man page. See README.unpacking in the rpmgrill source tree, or the rpmgrill-fetch-build tool, for more details.


Test a new set of builds from Koji:

    $ mkdir testdir && cd testdir
    $ koji download-task --logs <task id>

    # unpack all rpms in the current directory
    $ rpmgrill-unpack .

    # the unpacked directory is created by rpmgrill-unpack
    $ rpmgrill unpacked

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Ed Santiago <santiago@redhat.com>

Please report bugs or suggestions on bugzilla <https://bugzilla.redhat.com/enter_bug.cgi?product=Fedora&component=rpmgrill>


2024-01-26 perl v5.38.2 User Contributed Perl Documentation