rpmdev-spectool - Man Page

manual page for rpmdev-spectool 1.1.0


usage: rpmdev-spectool [-h] [--list-files] [--get-files] [--version] [--all] [--sources] [--patches] [--source SOURCE] [--patch PATCH] [--define DEFINE] [--directory DIRECTORY] [--sourcedir] [--dry-run] [--force] [--debug] specfile

Spectool is a tool to expand and download sources and patches from specfiles.

If you experience problems with specific specfiles, try to run

rpmbuild --nobuild --nodeps <specfile>

on the file which might give a clue why spectool fails on a file (ignore anything about missing sources or patches). The plan is to catch errors like this in spectool itself and warn the user about it in the future.

positional arguments


optional arguments

-h,  --help

show this help message and exit

Operating mode

--list-files,  --lf,  -l

lists the expanded sources/patches (default)

--get-files,  --gf,  -g

gets the sources/patches that are listed with a URL

--version,  -V

Print the version and exit

Files on which to operate

--all,  -a

all files, sources and patches (default)

--sources,  -S

all sources

--patches,  -P

all patches

--source SOURCE, -s SOURCE

specified sources

--patch PATCH, -p PATCH

specified patches


--define DEFINE, -d DEFINE

defines RPM macro 'macro' to be 'value'


download into specified directory (default '.')

--sourcedir,  -R

download into rpm's %{_sourcedir}

--dry-run,  --dryrun,  -n

don't download anything, just show what would be done

--force,  -f

try to unlink and download if target files exist

--debug,  -D

output debug info, don't clean up when done

Referenced By

The man page spectool(1) is an alias of rpmdev-spectool(1).

February 2021 rpmdev-spectool 1.1.0