rpm-ostree-toolbox man page

rpm-ostree-toolbox ā€” Set of utilities for rpm-ostree composing


rpm-ostree-toolbox {COMMAND} [OPTIONS...]


rpm-ostree-toolbox contains a set of utilities that use the core rpm-ostree.



Takes a given ref from an OSTree repository, and creates a .qcow2 formatted disk image from it. This uses libguestfs to create a FUSE mount, and then data is copied into the disk. At the moment, the partition layout and image size are completely fixed. This utility is intended primarily for testing and creating VM images with simple layouts, such as cloud images.


With imagefactory, you can create various virtualized images with libvirt related tooling. Currently it is capable of making qcow2, raw, vsphere, and rhevm images. This can be altered with the -i argument.

These need to reference an installer image.


This command creates ISO and PXE images that can be used as install media. This can either be done with a container-based approach or using libvirt.


The core OSTree data format is designed to be served by a static webserver, but it's binary and not easily parsable via JavaScript in web pages. This tool creates a cache of JSON formatted files for the repository that can be easily read by client-side JavaScript.


This allows you to create a tree of ostree content. It takes various inputs from a JSON file to perform most of its actions. When complete, you will have an ostree with content suitable for creating disk images.

See Also

rpm-ostree(1), rpm(8)