rosinstall - Man Page

rosinstall command


rosinstall [options] <install-path> [rosinstall files or directories]…



Show program’s version number and exit

-h, –help

Show this help message and exit

-n, –nobuild

Skip the build step for the ROS stack


Pass through –rosdep-yes to rosmake


Continue despite checkout errors


Delete the local copy of a directory before changing URI.


Abort if changed uri detected


Backup the local copy of a directory before changing URI to this directory.


Generate a versioned rosinstall file


The rosinstall command can download source code trees from a variety of source control systems (e.g. Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, Subversion).  The rosinstall file format lets you specify multiple source code trees, which simplifies the process of creating development workspaces.

rosinstall does the following:

  1. Merges all URIs into new or existing .rosinstall file at PATH
  2. Checks out or updates all version controlled URIs
  3. Calls rosmake after checkout or updates
  4. Generates/overwrites updated setup files

Run “rosinstall -h” to access the built-in tool documentation.

See for more details


Tully Foote, Thibault Kruse, Morgan Quigley, Ken Conley, Brian Gerkey


Jan 20, 2023 0.7.8