root-config man page

root-config — ROOT utility for your Makefiles


root-config [options]


root-config is a tool that is used to configure and determine the compiler and linker flags that should be used to compile and link programs that use ROOT.

CPPFLAGS  += $(shell root-config --cflags)
LDLIBS    += $(shell root-config --libs)
LDFLAGS   += $(shell root-config --ldflags)

%Cint.cxx:Include.h LinkDef.h
        rootcint -f $@ -c $^ 

in your Makefile to use the built-in rules of GNU make. For GUIs, replace --libs by --glibs.

You may also find the automake(1), autoconf(1), and libtool(1) macro file /usr/share/aclocal/root.m4 useful.  If that macro file isn't installed where aclocal will find it, copy the contents to your local acinclude.m4 file.  In the directories you use ROOT libraries, have in your file:

lib_LTLIBRARIES         =
pkginclude_HEADERS      = Foo.h
noinst_HEADERS          = FooCint.h
libFoo_la_SOURCES       = Foo.cxx FooCint.cxx   
libFoo_la_LDFLAGS       = -version-info 1:0 -R @ROOTLIBDIR@
libFoo_la_LDADD         = -lCore -lCint @ROOTAUXLIBS@

BUILT_SOURCES           = FooCint.cxx FooCint.h 

AM_LDFLAGS              = -L@ROOTLIBDIR@
CLEANFILES              = *Cint.cxx *Cint.h *~ core 

%Cint.cxx %Cint.h:Include.h LinkDef.h
        @ROOTCINT@ -f $*Cint.cxx -c $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $^  

where you should substitute Foo with whatever, and list the appropriate source files in the _SOURCES variable. In you file, put:


along with any other macros you may need.

Note that the ROOT_PATH macro takes three optional arguments: the minimal ROOT version to use, action if ROOT is found, and action if ROOT isn't found.  Some examples are

ROOT_PATH(3.03/05, , AC_MSG_ERROR(Your ROOT version is too old))

For example, if you want to compile some part of your source tree conditionally on wether ROOT is present or not, you can put in your file

AM_CONDITIONAL(GOT_ROOT, test "x$have_root" = "xyes")

And then in some

LIBFOOXTRA              =
LIBFOOXTRA              =

lib_LTLIBRARIES         =

The full list of substitution variables are:


full path to root-config


full path to root


full path to rootcint


Where the ROOT libraries are


Where the ROOT headers are


Extra compiler flags


ROOT basic libraries


ROOT basic + GUI libraries


Auxiliary libraries and linker flags for ROOT


Auxiliary compiler flags





Give a short list of options available, and exit


Report the version number of installed ROOT, and exit.


If no arguments are given, reports where ROOT is installed. With an argument of =<prefix>, set the base of the subsequent options to <prefix>. If \--exec-prefix is passed with an argument, it overrides the argument given to \--prefix for the library path.


If no argument is given, report where the libraries are installed. If an argument is given, use that as the installation base directory for the libraries. This option does not affect the include path.


Print the directory where the ROOT libraries are installed.


Print the directory where the ROOT headers are installed.


Output a line suitable for linking a program against the ROOT libraries. No graphics libraries are included.


As above, but also output for the graphics (GUI) libraries.


As above, but also output for the graphics libraries and Eve libraries.


Output a line suitable for compiling a source file against the ROOT header (class declararion) files.


Put the library in the library lists.  This option must be given before options --libs and --glibs.


Compatiblity option, does nothing.


Print auxiliary libraries and/or system linker flags.


Do not print auxiliary libraries and/or system linker flags in the output of --libs and --glibs. --auxcflags Print auxiliary compiler flags.


Do not print auxiliary compiler flags in the output of --cflags.


Do not print library path link option in output of --libs, --evelibs and --glibs.


Print additional linker flags (eg. -m64)


Print the architecture (compiler/OS)


Print the platform (OS)


Print the binary directory of the root installation (location of the root executable)


Print the configuration directory (place of system.rootrc, mime type, valgrind suppression files and .desktop files)


Print arguments used for ./configure as used when building root. These cannot be used for ./configure if root was built with CMake.


Print the ROOT git revision number from which root was built.


Test if <feature> has been enabled in the build process.


Print list of all supported features


Print number of available (hyperthreaded) cores


Print the Python version used by ROOT


Print alternative C compiler specified when ROOT was built


Print alternative C++ compiler specified when ROOT was built


Print alternative Fortran compiler specified when ROOT was built


Print alternative Linker specified when ROOT was built

See Also

root(1), root-cint(1)

See also the ROOT webpages:

Original Authors

The ROOT team (see web page above):

Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers


This manual page was written by Christian Holm Christensen <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

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