romcc - Man Page

compile C programs into binaries that don't use any RAM


romcc [Options] <source>.c


romcc is a C compiler which produces binaries which do not rely on RAM, but instead only use CPU registers.

It is prominently used in the coreboot project to compile C code which needs to run before the firmware has initialized the RAM, but can be used for other purposes, too.


-o <filename>

Output file name.


Specify a generic compiler option.


Specify an architecture-dependent compiler option.


Specify that this is the last option.

Generic Compiler Options

















































































-flabel-prefix=<prefix for assembly language labels>

--label-prefix=<prefix for assembly language labels>

-I<include path>



Architecture-Specific Compiler Options
















Please report any bugs to or the coreboot mailing list at <>.


romcc is covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2.

See Also

flashrom(1), abuild(1).


Eric W. Biederman <>
Some contributions by others.

This manual page was written by Uwe Hermann <>. It is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL (v2 or later).


September 19, 2006