rofimoji - Man Page

A character (emoji) picker for rofi


rofimoji [-h] [--version] [--action {type,copy,clipboard,unicode,copy-unicode,print}] [--skin-tone {neutral,light,medium-light,moderate,dark brown,black,ask}] [--files {all,FILE [FILE ...]]} [--prompt PROMPT] [--selector-args SELECTOR_ARGS] [--max-recent MAX_RECENT] [--no-frecency] [--clipboarder CLIPBOARDER] [--typer TYPER] [--selector SELECTOR]


Select, insert, or copy Unicode characters like emoji using rofi.


-h,  --help

Prints brief usage information.


show program’s version number and exit

--action,  -a

Possible values: type, copy, clipboard, unicode, copy-unicode, print

Choose what to do with the selected characters: Directly type them with the “Typer”, copy them to the clipboard using the “Clipboarder”, or insert them indirectly using the clipboard. “unicode” will type the unicode codepoints of the chosen characters, “copy-unicode” will copy it. “print” just outputs them on stdout.

--skin-tone=skin-tone, -s skin-tone

Possible values: neutral, light, medium-light, moderate, dark brown, black, ask

Decide on a skin-tone for all supported emojis. If not set (or set to “ask”), you will be asked for each one

--files=FILE [FILE ...], -f FILE [FILE ...]

Read characters from this file instead, one entry per line

--prompt PROMPT, -r PROMPT

Set rofimoji’s prompt

--selector-args SELECTOR-ARGS

A string of arguments to give to the selector.

--max-recent MAX-RECENT

Show at most this number of recently used characters (cannot be larger than 10)


Don’t show frequently used characters at the start.

--clipboarder CLIPBOARDER

Possible values: xsel, xclip, wl-copy

Choose the application to access the clipboard with manually.

--typer TYPER

Possible values: xdotool, wtype

Choose the application to type with manually.

--selector SELECTOR

Possible values: rofi, wofi

Choose the selector application manually. Usually rofi, but for Wayland, you may want wofi. # KEYBINDINGS

(optional) Select multiple emoji with shift+enter

enter to insert the emoji directly

alt+c to copy it to the clipboard

alt+t to type it directly

alt+p to insert using the clipboard

alt+1, alt+2 to insert the most recently used character (alt+2 for the second most recently one etc.)

alt+u to insert the Unicode codepoint

alt+i to copy the Unicode codepoint to the clipboard

Please note that wofi does not support keybindings other than enter.



Per-user configuration file.


Global configuration file.


Stores the recently used characters


Args that start with “--” (eg. --version) can also be set in a config file.

Config file syntax allows: key=value, flag=true, stuff=[a,b,c] (for details, see syntax at If an arg is specified in more than one place, then commandline values override values from the config file.



Fabian Winter.


February 20, 2021 Version 5.0.0 Rofi Third-party Add-on Documentation