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rofi-theme-selector - Man Page

Preview and apply themes for rofi


rofi-theme-selector is a bash/rofi script to preview and apply themes for rofi. It's part of any installation of rofi.


Running rofi-theme-selector

rofi-theme-selector shows a list of all available themes in a rofi window. It lets you preview each theme with the Enter key and apply the theme to your rofi configuration file with Alt+a.

Theme directories

rofi-theme-selector searches the following directories for themes:

${PREFIX} reflects the install location of rofi. In most cases this will be "/usr". $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is normally unset. Default path is "$HOME/.config". $XDG_DATA_HOME is normally unset. Default path is "$HOME/.local/share".

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Qball Cow qball@gmpclient.org Rasmus Steinke rasi@xssn.at

Referenced By

rofi(1), rofi-debugging(5), rofi-dmenu(5), rofi-script(5), rofi-theme(5).