rhbzquery - Man Page

manual page for rhbzquery 0.4.4


rhbzquery [--version] [-n|--dryrun] [-m|--mine] [-s|--server SERVER]


Bugzilla query tool

[(-l|--list-fields) | (-o|--list-operators) | (-f|--file) |

(-q|--query) | (-r|--reverse) | (-w|--api)]


Tool for generating bugzilla queries

STATUS = {new,assigned,post,modified,on_qa,verified,release_pending,closed,

all (open and closed),'<STATE','>STATE'}

PRODUCTVERSION = {rawhide,fedora,fXY,epel,epelX,rhel8,rhel7,rhelX.Z} op = search operator (eg '~' for substring: "summary~akeyword")

See https://github.com/juhp/rhbzquery#readme for examples

Available options


Show this help text


Show version


Do not open url


My bugs

-s,--server SERVER

Bugzilla server [default: bugzilla.redhat.com]


List query FIELDs


List op search operator types


File a bug


Open advanced query page


Convert url query to args


Web API query


January 2024 rhbzquery 0.4.4