rgbcorrelator - Man Page

PyMca image correlation analysis application


rgbcorrelator [FILE1] [FILE2] ...


This an alias to pymcapostbatch

Start the graphical user interface of the PyMca X-Ray  Fluorescence Toolkit rgbcorrelator tool.

It allows one to superpose up to three images in RED, GREEN and BLUE in  order to investigate correlations among them. All the images have to  be of the same dimension.

The program builds a table with all the input images but only three  of them can be superposed at the same time.

This program also offers the possibility to perform mathematical operations  among the images and simple multivariate analysis.



Start the program with a file browser to select the input files.

rgbcorrelator file1.tif file2.tif file3.tif file4.tif

Tries to open the files named file1.tif, file2.tif, file3.tif and  file4.tif.

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