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RFSTAT(1) Rfio User Commands RFSTAT(1)

rfstat - get information about a file or directory

[1mrfstat [4m[22mdirectory[0m
[1mrfstat [4m[22mfilename[0m

The rfstat program provides an interface to the [1mshift [22mremote file I/O
daemon (rfiod) for getting information about a remote directory or
file. The [4mfilename[24m or [4mdirectory[24m argument is either a remote file name
of the form:


or a local file name (not containing the :/ character combination).
The output from the [1mrfstat [22mcommand gives information similar to that of
the [1mls -il [22mcommand for listing local files or directories, one field
per line.

rfstat /tmp

Device : 802
Inode number : 2
Nb blocks : 16
Protection : drwxrwxrwt (41777)
Hard Links : 13
Uid : 0 (root)
Gid : 0 (root)
Size (bytes) : 4096
Last access : Wed Jun 15 07:18:10 2011
Last modify : Wed Jun 15 07:18:10 2011
Last stat. mod. : Wed Jun 15 07:18:10 2011

[1mSEE ALSO[0m
[1mrfio_stat(3), rfiod(1)[0m

[1mrfstat [22mdoes not support regular expressions [1m(regexp(5)) [22min the [4mdirec-[0m
[4mtory[24m or [4mfilename[24m argument.

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LCG $Date: 2011-06-15 07:36:50 +0200 (Wed, 15 Jun 2011) $ RFSTAT(1)