rfmkdir man page

RFMKDIR(1)                    Rfio User Commands                    RFMKDIR(1)

      rfmkdir - make remote directories

      [1mrfmkdir [22m[ [1m-m [4m[22mmode[24m ] [ [4m-p[24m ] [4mdirectory...[0m

      [1mrfmkdir  [22mprovides  an  interface  to  the  [1mshift [22mremote file I/O daemon
      (rfiod) for creating remote directories in mode 777  (possibly  altered
      by [1mumask(1)[22m).  The [4mdirectory[24m argument is either a remote directory name
      of the form:


      or a local directory name (not containing  the  :/  character  combina-
      tion).  Creation of a directory requires write permission in the parent

      The following options apply to [1mrfmkdir:[0m

      [1m-m [4m[22mmode[0m
             This option allows users to specify the mode to be used for  the
             new directories.  Choices for modes can be found in [1mchmod(1)[4m[22m.[0m

      [1m-p     [22mWith  this  option,  [1mrfmkdir [22mcreates [1mdirname [22mby creating all the
             non-existing parent directories first.

[1mSEE ALSO[0m
      [1mmkdir(1), umask(1), mkdir(2), rfiod(1)[0m

      [1mLCG Grid Deployment [22mTeam

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