rfdf man page

RFDF(1)                       Rfio User Commands                       RFDF(1)

      rfdf - print information about a mounted filesystem

      [1mrfdf [4m[22mfilename[24m ...

      [1mrfdf  [22mprovides an interface to the [1mshift [22mremote file I/O daemon (rfiod)
      for returning information about one or more mounted  filesystems.   The
      [4mfilename[24ms  may  refer to one ore more remote files or directories, each
      having the form:


      or a local file (not containing  the  :/  character  combination).  The
      information  for the filesystem on which each file or directory resides
      is returned.

      The following information may be returned

      Path (as specified on the command line)


             total blocks

             free blocks - number of blocks available to non-superuser

             total inodes

             free inodes

[1mSEE ALSO[0m

      [1mLCG Grid Deployment [22mTeam  and [1mDPM [22mTeam <hep-service-dpm@cern.ch>

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