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RFCHMOD(1) Rfio User Commands RFCHMOD(1)

rfchmod - change file access permission

[1mrfchmod [4m[22mmode[24m [4mfile...[0m

[1mrfchmod [22mprovides an interface to the [1mshift [22mremote file I/O daemon
(rfiod) for changing the file access permission, so called file mode.

[4mmode[24m argument allows users to specify the file access permission
applied to the file. Only the absolute octal representation of
the file access permission is supported. For values of mode,
see [1mchmod(1)[22m.

[4mfile[24m argument is either a remote file name of the form:


or a local file name (not containing the :/ character combina-

Modification of the file access permission require authorisation.

[1mSEE ALSO[0m
[1mchmod(1), rfio_chmod(3).[0m

[1mLCG Grid Deployment [22mTeam

LCG $Date: 2005/03/31 13:13:01 $ RFCHMOD(1)