retrace-server-worker - Man Page

Executes the retrace job.


retrace-server-worker [-h] [-v] [--restart] [--foreground] [--kernelver KERNELVER] [--arch ARCH] task_id


The tool creates a worker process which does the bulk of the processing of a retrace-server task. The worker process handles processing slightly differently depending on the value of CONFIG["RetraceEnvironment"], and may use mock, podman, or the native environment to to prepare an environment for the processing of the coredump or vmcore. The process then runs the debugger (gdb in the case of a coredump, or crash in the case of a vmcore), saves the backtrace, also calling hooks at various points in the processing, assuming hooks is configured (see /etc/retrace-server-hooks.conf). Once all processing is complete, the worker process then cleans up environment. Note that the task_id argument is a number derived from the name of the directory where crash data is saved, CONFIG["SaveDir"]/task_id.

Common Options

-h, ā€‰--help

Display help and exit.

-v, ā€‰--verbose

Be verbose. Note this also turns on debug logging for create, batch or restart operations.


Restart an existing task. Useful for vmcore tasks where kernelver may not have been detected and thus the task failed. In such cases, using this option along with --kernelver may allow a task to succeed.


Run the worker task in the foreground rather than forking to the background.


For vmcore tasks, specify the version of the kernel rather than attempting to detect it by scanning the vmcore file.


Architecture of the vmcore file. This option should be used with the kernelver option.






01/26/2024 retrace-server 1.24.2 Retrace Server Manual