resolve_stack_dump man page

resolve_stack_dump — resolve numeric stack trace dump to symbols


resolve_stack_dump [options] symbols_file [numeric_dump_file]


resolve_stack_dump resolves a numeric stack dump to symbols.

Invoke resolve_stack_dump like this:

shell> resolve_stack_dump [options] symbols_file [numeric_dump_file]

The symbols file should include the output from the nm --numeric-sort mysqld command. The numeric dump file should contain a numeric stack track from mysqld. If no numeric dump file is named on the command line, the stack trace is read from the standard input.

resolve_stack_dump supports the following options.

· --help, -h

Display a help message and exit.

· --numeric-dump-file=file_name, -n file_name

Read the stack trace from the given file.

· --symbols-file=file_name, -s file_name

Use the given symbols file.

· --version, -V

Display version information and exit.

For more information, see Section, “Using a Stack Trace”.

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