resalloc-openstack-new - Man Page

atomically allocate VM with additional resources in openstack


resalloc-openstack-new [-h] [--name NAME] --image IMAGE [--floating-ip-from FLOATING_IP_NETWORK] --flavor FLAVOR [--alloc-volume VOLUMES] [--post-command COMMAND] [--print-ip] [--key-pair-id KEY_PAIR_ID] [--nic NICS]


Start a new VM in openstack, with some dependant resources (swap volumes or
floating IPs ATM). The important thing is that the script aims to behave as
atomically as possible, in a sense that either everything is allocated as
requested, or the script fails (without any leftovers).


--name NAME

Choose the name for the resulting VM

--image IMAGE
--floating-ip-from FLOATING_IP_NETWORK

allocate floating ip from network, check 'neutron net-list'

--flavor FLAVOR

openstack flavor, see 'nova flavor-list'

--alloc-volume VOLUMES

allocate volumes by cinder

--post-command COMMAND

run COMMAND after VM is started, and fail if the script fails too. The
variables RESALLOC_OS_NAME and RESALLOC_OS_IP are exported into environment of
those scripts.


after successful allocation, print IP on standard output

--key-pair-id KEY_PAIR_ID

use specific key, see ids (== names) in `nova keypair-list`

--nic NICS

comma-separated, key=value,foo=baz arguments (see
nova.servers.create(nics=...) help


resalloc-openstack was written by Pavel Raiskup <>.


The latest version of resalloc-openstack may be downloaded from