reposdump - Man Page

utility for dumping SBLIM Data Gatherer online metric repository


reposdump [age] [interval] [directory]


The reposdump program is used to dump the metrics from the reposd(8) daemons online repository. The metric data is exported into a flat text file. The file contains sections seperated by lines with the following format.

===metricdefs <pluginname>===
===metricvals <pluginname>===

Each section contains a list of comma seperated records containing the defined metric or metric values. A sample perl script /usr/share/ is included which demonstrates converting the dump data into a comma seperated value list (CSV) suitable for import into a spreadsheet.



Maximum sample age in seconds to be dumped.


Sample interval granularity in seconds to be dumped.


Directory in which to dump metric file.


The SBLIM project maintains a mailing list to which you should direct all questions regarding sfcb, sfcc, wbemcli, the metric data gatherer, or any of the SBLIM providers. To subscribe to this list visit:

Please report bugs you discover to the bug tracker. The SBLIM project bug tracking page can be found at:


Please refer to the AUTHORS file distributed with sblim-gather.


reposdump is distributed under the terms of the Eclipse Public License ("Agreement"). Any use, reproduction or distribution of this program constitutes recipeients acceptance of the agreement.

You can obtain a current copy of the Eclipse Public License from

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