reporter-upload man page

reporter-upload — Uploads compressed tarball of problem directory.


reporter-upload [-c CONFFILE]... [-d DIR] [-u URL] [-b FILE] [-r FILE]


The tool is used to create a compressed tarball of the problem directory and upload it to a URL. Supported protocols include FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, SCP, SFTP, TFTP and FILE.

Configuration file

Configuration file contains entries in a format "Option = Value".

The options are:


The URL where tarball should be uploaded.


The SSH public key.


The SSH private key.

Integration with ABRT events

reporter-upload can be used as a reporter, to allow users to upload compressed tarballs of problem directories to a configured URL. This usage can be configured in /etc/libreport/report_event.conf:

EVENT=report_Upload reporter-upload

It can be also used on the post-create event to upload it automatically.

EVENT=post-create reporter-upload


-d DIR
Path to problem directory.
Path to configuration file. When used in ABRT event system, the file contains site-wide configuration. Users can change the values via environment variables. If not specified, it defaults to "/etc/libreport/plugins/upload.conf".
-u URL
The URL where tarball should be uploaded. URL should have the form protocol://[user[:pass]@]host/dir/[file.tar.gz] where protocol can be http(s), ftp, scp, or file. File protocol can’t have user and host parts: file:///dir/[file.tar.gz]. If URL ends with a slash, the archive name will be generated and appended to URL; otherwise, URL will be used as full file name.
-b, --pubkey FILE
Set SSH public key file.
-r, --key FILE
Set SSH private key file.

Environment Variables

Environment variables take precedence over values provided in the configuration file.


The URL where should be the tarball uploaded.


User name for the upload URL


Password for the upload URL


Path to SSH public key file


Path to SSH private key file



Readonly default configuration files.


Configuration file.

See Also

uploader_event.conf(5), report_uploader.conf(5)


· ABRT team

Referenced By

emergencyanalysis_event.conf(5), report_Uploader.conf(5), upload.conf(5).

Explore man page connections for reporter-upload(1).

LIBREPORT 2.8.0 09/09/2016