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reporter-mailx - Man Page

Sends contents of a problem directory via email.


reporter-mailx [-v] -d DIR [-c CONFFILE] [-F FMTFILE]


The tool reads a problem directory, composes an email message from the directory contents, and uses mailx to send the message to specified recipient.

Properties of email messages can be specified in a configuration file, and via environment variables.

Configuration file

Configuration file contains entries in a format "Option = Value".

The options are:


The subject of the email message.


The sender of the email message.


The recipient of the email message.


Use yes/true/on/1 to attach all binary files from the problem directory to the email. This can cause the emails to be very large.

Formatting configuration files

Lines starting with # are ignored.

Lines can be continued on the next line using trailing backslash.


%summary:: subject format
section:: element1[,element2]...

The literal text line to be added to email. Can be empty.
(Empty lines are NOT ignored!)

Subject format is a line of text, where %element% is replaced by
text element's content, and [[...%element%...]] block is used only if
%element% exists. [[...]] blocks can nest.

Sections can be:
- %summary: email subject format string.
- %attach: a list of elements to attach.
- text, double colon (::) and the list of comma-separated elements.

Elements can be:
- problem directory element names, which get formatted as
  <element_name>: <contents>
- problem directory element names prefixed by "%bare_",
  which is formatted as-is, without "<element_name>:" and colons
- %oneline, %multiline, %text wildcards, which select all corresponding
  elements for output or attachment
- %binary wildcard, valid only for %attach section, instructs to attach
  binary elements
- problem directory element names prefixed by "-",
  which excludes given element from all wildcards

Nonexistent elements are silently ignored.
If none of elements exists, the section will not be created.

Integration with ABRT events

reporter-mailx can be used as a reporter, to allow users report problems via email when they decide to do it. This usage is pre-configured in /etc/libreport/events.d/mailx_event.conf:

EVENT=report_Mailx      reporter-mailx

It can also be used to notify administrator automatically when a problem happens. When this is desired, modify the event configuration file to run the tool on the post-create event:

EVENT=post-create       reporter-mailx


-d DIR

Path to problem directory.


Path to configuration file. When used in ABRT event system, the file contains site-wide configuration. Users can change the values via environment variables.

-F CONF_FORMAT_FILE Formatting file for an email.

Environment Variables

Environment variables take precedence over values provided in the configuration file.


Subject of the email message.


Sender of the email message.


Recipient of the email message. If nor the environment variable nor the corresponding option is defined, the message is send to "root@localhost".


Use yes/true/on/1 to attach all binary files from the problem directory to the email.



Readonly default configuration files.


Configuration files.

See Also

mailx_event.conf(5), mailx.conf(5), report_mailx.conf(5)


Referenced By

mailx.conf(5), mailx_event.conf(5).