repomdxml2solv - Man Page

convert a repomd.xml file into a solv file


repomdxml2solv [OPTIONS]


The repomd.xml file is the index file of a rpm-md repository, containing references to all data file with checksums. The repomdxml2solv tool reads the repomd.xml file from stdin and writes the parsed data as solv file to standard output. The data is stored as meta attributes in the result.


Data query mode: instead of writing a solv file, select the WHAT element in the input data and write it to standard output. Examples for WHAT are type to get a list of all types, and primary:location to get the location of the element with type primary.

See Also

rpmmd2solv(1), mergesolv(1), createrepo(8)


Michael Schroeder <>

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