repomanage man page

repomanage ā€” list the newest or oldest RPM packages in a directory


repomanage [options] directory


repomanage is a program to manage a directory of RPM packages. It displays a list of the newest or oldest packages in a directory for easy piping to xargs or similar programs.


-h, --help

Display a help message, and then quit.

-o, --old

Print the oldest packages.

-n, --new

Print the newest packages.

-s, --space

Space-separated instead of newline-separated output.

-k KEEP, --keep=KEEP

Newest N packages to keep - defaults to 1.

-c, --nocheck

Do not check package payload signatures/digests.

See Also

yum.conf (5)


See the Authors file included with this program.


13 January 2013