repo2solv - Man Page

convert repository metadata into a solv file


repo2solv [OPTIONS] DIR


The repo2solv tool converts repository metadata in the directory DIR into a solv file written to standard output.

Note that repo2solv does not verify signatures or checksum, it is expected that this is done by the tool that downloads the metadata.

If no metadata is detected, repo2solv assumes the "plaindir" format and generates the solv file from all rpm files it finds.


Write the solv file to OUTFILE instead of stdout.


Also recurse into subdirectories in "plaindir" mode.


Put the complete filelist in the output. The default is to just include the "importent" parts of the file list, except for "plaindir" mode, which always includes all files.


Add changelog entires to the output.


Add appdata pseudo packages to the output. This is an experimental feature.


Autoexpand SUSE pattern and product provides into packages.

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Michael Schroeder <>


10/22/2018 LIBSOLV