repo-rebase - Man Page

repo rebase — manual page for repo rebase


repo rebase {[<project>...] | -i <project>...}



Rebase local branches on upstream branch


-h,  --help

show this help message and exit


stop rebasing after first error is hit

-f,  --force-rebase

pass --force-rebase to git rebase


pass --no-ff to git rebase


pass --autosquash to git rebase


pass --whitespace to git rebase


stash local modifications before starting

-m,  --onto-manifest

rebase onto the manifest version instead of upstream HEAD (this helps to make sure the local tree stays consistent if you previously synced to a manifest)

Logging options

-v,  --verbose

show all output

-q,  --quiet

only show errors

-i,  --interactive

interactive rebase (single project only)

Multi-manifest options


operate starting at the outermost manifest


do not operate on outer manifests


only operate on this (sub)manifest

--no-this-manifest-only,  --all-manifests

operate on this manifest and its submanifests

Run `repo help rebase` to view the detailed manual.


'repo rebase' uses git rebase to move local changes in the current topic branch to the HEAD of the upstream history, useful when you have made commits in a topic branch but need to incorporate new upstream changes "underneath" them.


July 2022 repo rebase Repo Manual