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repo-info - Man Page

repo info — manual page for repo info


repo info [-dl] [-o [-c]] [<project>...]



Get info on the manifest branch, current branch or unmerged branches


-h,  --help

show this help message and exit

-d,  --diff

show full info and commit diff including remote branches

-o,  --overview

show overview of all local commits

-c,  --current-branch

consider only checked out branches


consider all local branches

-l,  --local-only

disable all remote operations

Logging options

-v,  --verbose

show all output

-q,  --quiet

only show errors

Multi-manifest options


operate starting at the outermost manifest


do not operate on outer manifests


only operate on this (sub)manifest

--no-this-manifest-only,  --all-manifests

operate on this manifest and its submanifests

Run `repo help info` to view the detailed manual.


July 2022 repo info Repo Manual