repo-gitc-init - Man Page

repo gitc-init — manual page for repo gitc-init


repo gitc-init [options] [client name]



Initialize a GITC Client.


-h,  --help

show this help message and exit

Logging options

-v,  --verbose

show all output

-q,  --quiet

only show errors

Manifest options

-u URL, --manifest-url=URL

manifest repository location

-b REVISION, --manifest-branch=REVISION

manifest branch or revision (use HEAD for default)

-m NAME.xml, --manifest-name=NAME.xml

initial manifest file

-g GROUP, --groups=GROUP

restrict manifest projects to ones with specified group(s) [default|all|G1,G2,G3|G4,-G5,-G6]

-p PLATFORM, --platform=PLATFORM

restrict manifest projects to ones with a specified platform group [auto|all|none|linux|darwin|...]


sync any submodules associated with the manifest repo


download the manifest as a static file rather then create a git checkout of the manifest repo


create a shallow clone of the manifest repo with given depth (0 for full clone); see git clone (default: 0)

Manifest (only) checkout options


fetch only current manifest branch from server (default)


fetch all manifest branches from server


fetch tags in the manifest


don't fetch tags in the manifest

Checkout modes


create a replica of the remote repositories rather than a client working directory


checkout an archive instead of a git repository for each project. See git archive.


use git-worktree to manage projects

Project checkout optimizations


location of mirror directory


dissociate from reference mirrors after clone


create a shallow clone with given depth; see git clone


perform partial clone (


disable use of partial clone (


exclude the specified projects (a comma-delimited project names) from partial clone (


filter for use with --partial-clone [default: blob:none]


use the manifest superproject to sync projects; implies -c


disable use of manifest superprojects


enable use of /clone.bundle on HTTP/HTTPS (default if not --partial-clone)


disable use of /clone.bundle on HTTP/HTTPS (default if --partial-clone)


enable Git LFS support


disable Git LFS support

repo Version options


repo repository location ($REPO_URL)


repo branch or revision ($REPO_REV)


do not verify repo source code

Other options


Always prompt for name/e-mail

GITC options


Optional manifest file to use for this GITC client.

-c GITC_CLIENT, --gitc-client=GITC_CLIENT

Name of the gitc_client instance to create or modify.



operate starting at the outermost manifest


do not operate on outer manifests


only operate on this (sub)manifest

--no-this-manifest-only,  --all-manifests

operate on this manifest and its submanifests

Run `repo help gitc-init` to view the detailed manual.


The 'repo gitc-init' command is ran to initialize a new GITC client for use with the GITC file system.

This command will setup the client directory, initialize repo, just like repo init does, and then downloads the manifest collection and installs it in the .repo/directory of the GITC client.

Once this is done, a GITC manifest is generated by pulling the HEAD SHA for each project and generates the properly formatted XML file and installs it as .manifest in the GITC client directory.

The -c argument is required to specify the GITC client name.

The optional -f argument can be used to specify the manifest file to use for this GITC client.


October 2022 repo gitc-init Repo Manual