rem2html - Man Page

Convert the output of "remind -pp" to HTML


    remind -pp ... | rem2html [options]

You can also use the old interchange format as below, but the -pp version is preferred.

    remind -p ... | rem2html [options]


--help,  -h

Print usage information


Print version


Assume standard input is encoded in UTF-8; write UTF-8 data to standard output.

--backurl url

When producing the small calendar for the previous month, make the month name a link to url.

--forwurl url

When producing the small calendar for the next month, make the month name a link to url.

--imgbase url

When creating URLs for the stylesheet or external images, use url as the base URL.


Normally, rem2html uses inline "data:" URLs for the moon phase images, yielding a standalone HTML file.  The --pngs option makes it use external images named firstquarter.png, fullmoon.png, lastquarter.png and newmoon.png, which are expected to live in --imgbase.

--stylesheet url.css

Use url.css as the stylesheet.  If this option is used, url.css is interpreted relative to imgbase unless it starts with a "/".


Produce basic HTML that does not use a CSS stylesheet.


Output results as a <table> ... </table> sequence only without any <html> or <body> tags.

--title title

Use title as the content between <title> and </title> tags.

--prologue html_text

Insert html_text right after the <body> tag.

--epilogue html_text

Insert html_text right before the </body> tag.

Specials Supported

The rem2html back-end supports the following SPECIAL reminders:


Add an HTML reminder to the calendar.  All HTML tags are available.


Add a CSS class to the box representing the trigger date.  See "Highlighting Today" for an example


The standard SPECIALs supported by all back-ends

Highlighting Today

Older versions of rem2html used to highlight today's date with a red outline. The current version does not do that by default.  If you wish to highlight today's date, add the following reminder to your reminders file:

    REM [realtoday()] SPECIAL HTMLCLASS rem-today


rem2html was written by Dianne Skoll with much inspiration from an earlier version by Don Schwarz.

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remind, rem2ps, rem2pdf, tkremind

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