reloc65 - Man Page

relocator for o65 object files


reloc65 [OPTION]... FILE...


reloc65 is a relocator for files in the o65 object format.


-o filename

Set output filename. The default is a.o65.

-b? addr

Relocate segment ? to addr. ? should be t, d, b or z to represent the text, data, bss or zero segment respectively. See the xa(1) man page for an explanation.


Extract segment ? from the file instead of writing back the whole file. Valid arguments are t and d for the text or data segment respectively. Not valid for bss or zero.


Extract text and data segment together from the file instead of writing back the whole file. Relocating data segment to the end of the text segment (ignoring the -xd option) before extracting.


Show summary of options.


Show version of program.

See Also

file65(1), ldo65(1), printcbm(1), uncpk(1), dxa(1), xa(1)


This manual page was written by David Weinehall <> and Cameron Kaiser <>. Original xa package (C)1989-1997 Andre Fachat. Additional changes (C)1989-2023 Andre Fachat, Jolse Maginnis, David Weinehall and Cameron Kaiser. The current maintainer is Cameron Kaiser.


Referenced By

file65(1), ldo65(1), printcbm(1), uncpk(1), xa(1).

11 April 2006