regpatch - Man Page

Applies registry patches to registry files


regpatch [--help] [--backend=BACKEND] [--credentials=CREDENTIALS] [location] [patch-file]


The regpatch utility applies registry patches to Windows registry files. The patch files should have the same format as is being used by the regdiff utility and regedit32.exe from Windows.

If no patch file is specified on the command line, regpatch attempts to read it from standard input.



Show list of available options.

--backend BACKEND

Name of backend to load. Possible values are: creg, regf, dir and rpc. The default is dir.


Credentials to use, if any. Password should be separated from user name by a percent sign.


This man page is correct for version 4.0 of the Samba suite.

See Also

regdiff, regtree, regshell, gregedit, samba, diff, patch


This utility is part of the Samba[1] suite, which is developed by the global Samba Team[2].

This manpage and regpatch were written by Jelmer Vernooij.


  1. Samba
  2. Samba Team


09/04/2023 Samba 4.0 System Administration tools