rebuildreset - Man Page

Reset package for rebuild


    rebuilreset [--config FILE] [--changed] < PACKAGE_LIST


This tool resets packages listed on standard input or in a file named in positional arguments, so that next rebuildperl(1) will consider the packages as not yet rebuilt.

This is a helper for rebuildperl(1) and it assumes the packages have already been populated by rebuildperl. It will reset the local repository and removes all stage locks except .clone. It will also edit all, done, and failed package lists (see the configuration) accordingly. (It will remove changed packaged from done and failed list.)

With other options, the set of packages to reset can be reduced more.


--config FILE

Read configuration from FILE, or ~/.rebuildperlrc if not specified.


Reset only packages whose remote repository has changed (e.g. there is a newer version). It compares local copy of origin GIT repository with repository on the remote server and if it finds the HEADs are different it will reset the package. Otherwise the package will not be reset.

If failedtemp configuration option is defined and there is an error while checking the remote repository, the faulting package will be logged into the failedtemp file. This is because talking to a GIT server can result into intermittent network error that can disappear on next retry.



Configuration is in Config::Tiny format. Following options are needed:

    done = done
    failed = failed
    failedtemp = failedtemp
    workdir = workdir
    dist = rawhide
    loadthreads = 4


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