rebase-helper man page

rebase-helper ā€” helps you to rebase package to the latest upstream version


rebase-helper [-h] [--version] [-v]
[-b | --comparepkgs-only COMPAREPKGS_DIR | -p]
[--buildtool {copr,mock,rpmbuild}]
[--pkgcomparetool {abipkgdiff,csmock,pkgdiff,rpmdiff}]
[--outputtool {json,text}] [--versioneer {anitya,pypi,rubygems}]
[--not-download-sources] [-w] [-c] [--color {always,never,auto}]
[--disable-inapplicable-patches] [--non-interactive]
[--build-tasks OLD_TASK,NEW_TASK] [--builds-nowait]
[--builder-options=BUILDER_OPTIONS] [--build-retries BUILD_RETRIES]
[--results-dir RESULTS_DIR] [--get-old-build-from-koji] [SOURCES]


rebase-helper is a tool which helps package maintainers to rebase their packages to latest upstream versions.

It should be executed from a directory containing spec file, sources and patches (usually cloned dist-git repository).

The new version is specified by SOURCES argument, which can be either version number or filename of the new source archive. Starting with version 0.10.0, this argument can be omitted and the new version determined automatically using one of available versioneers.



new upstream sources

-h, --help

show help message and exit


show rebase-helper version and exit

-v, --verbose

be more verbose (recommended)

-b, --build-only

only build SRPM and RPMs

--comparepkgs-only COMPAREPKGS_DIR

compare already built packages, COMPAREPKGS_DIR must be a directory with the following structure: <dir_name>/{old,new}/RPM

-p, --patch-only

only apply patches

--buildtool {copr,mock,rpmbuild}

build tool to use, defaults to mock

--pkgcomparetool {abipkgdiff,csmock,pkgdiff,rpmdiff}

set of tools to use for package comparison, defaults to abipkgdiff,pkgdiff,rpmdiff

--outputtool {json,text}

tool to use for formatting rebase output, defaults to text

--versioneer {anitya,pypi,rubygems}

tool to use for determining latest upstream version


do not download sources

-w, --keep-workspace

do not remove workspace directory after finishing

-c, --continue

continue previously interrupted rebase

--color {always,never,auto}

colorize the output, defaults to auto


disable inapplicable patches in rebased SPEC file


do not interact with user

--build-tasks OLD_TASK,NEW_TASK

comma-separated remote build task ids


do not wait for remote builds to finish


enable arbitrary local builder option(s), enclose BUILDER_OPTIONS in quotes and note that = before it is mandatory

--build-retries BUILD_RETRIES

number of retries of a failed build, defaults to 2

--results-dir RESULTS_DIR

directory where rebase-helper output will be stored


do not build old sources, download latest build from Koji instead

Exit Status

This program returns 0 if successful, or non-zero if there was an error.

See Also

rpmbuild(8), mock(1), rpmdiff(1), pkgdiff(1), abipkgdiff(1), csmock(1)


Petr Hracek, Tomas Hozza


Oct 05, 2017 0.11 rebase-helper