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rebase-helper - Man Page

helps you rebase your package to the latest version


rebase-helper [-h] [--version] [-v] [--color {always,never,auto}]
[--background {dark,light,auto}] [--results-dir RESULTS_DIR]
[--workspace-dir WORKSPACE_DIR]
[--buildtool {copr,koji,mock,rpmbuild}]
[--srpm-buildtool {mock,rpmbuild}]
[--outputtool {json,text}]
[--versioneer {anitya,cpan,hackage,npmjs,pypi,rubygems}]
[--versioneer-blacklist [{anitya,cpan,hackage,npmjs,pypi,rubygems}]]
[--spec-hook-blacklist [{commit-hash-updater,escape-macros,paths-to-rpm-
[--build-log-hook-blacklist [{files}]] [--bugzilla-id BUG_ID]
[--non-interactive] [--favor-on-conflict {downstream,upstream,off}]
[--not-download-sources] [-w] [--apply-changes]
[--disable-inapplicable-patches] [--skip-version-check]
[--update-sources] [--skip-upload] [--force-build-log-hooks]
[--builds-nowait] [--build-tasks OLD_TASK,NEW_TASK]
[--builder-options BUILDER_OPTIONS]
[--srpm-builder-options SRPM_BUILDER_OPTIONS]
[--lookaside-cache-preset {fedpkg,centpkg,rhpkg,rhpkg-sha512}]
[--changelog-entry CHANGELOG_ENTRY] [--no-changelog-entry]
[--config-file CONFIG_FILE] [-D 'MACRO EXPR']
[--copr-project-permanent] [--copr-project-frontpage]
[--copr-chroots COPR_CHROOTS] [--get-old-build-from-koji]
[--replace-old-version-with-macro] [SOURCES]


rebase-helper is a tool which helps package maintainers to rebase their packages to latest upstream versions.

It should be executed from a directory containing spec file, sources and patches (usually cloned dist-git repository).

The new version is specified by SOURCES argument, which can be either version number or filename of the new source archive. Starting with version 0.10.0, this argument can be omitted and the new version determined automatically using one of available versioneers.



version number or filename of the new source archive

-h,  --help

show help message and exit


show rebase-helper version and exit

-v,  --verbose

be more verbose

--color {always,never,auto}

colorize the output, defaults to auto

--background {dark,light,auto}

use color scheme for the given background, defaults to auto

--results-dir RESULTS_DIR

location where the rebase-helper-results directory will be created

--workspace-dir WORKSPACE_DIR

location where the rebase-helper-workspace directory will be created

--buildtool {copr,koji,mock,rpmbuild}

build tool to use, defaults to mock

--srpm-buildtool {mock,rpmbuild}

SRPM build tool to use, defaults to rpmbuild

--pkgcomparetool [{abipkgdiff,csmock,licensecheck,pkgdiff,rpmdiff,rpminspect-rpm,rpminspect-srpm,sonamecheck}]

set of tools to use for package comparison, defaults to abipkgdiff,licensecheck,pkgdiff,rpmdiff,rpminspect-rpm,rpminspect-srpm,sonamecheck if available

--outputtool {json,text}

tool to use for formatting rebase output, defaults to text

--versioneer {anitya,cpan,hackage,npmjs,pypi,rubygems}

tool to use for determining latest upstream version

--versioneer-blacklist [{anitya,cpan,hackage,npmjs,pypi,rubygems}]

prevent specified versioneers from being run

--spec-hook-blacklist [{commit-hash-updater,escape-macros,paths-to-rpm-macros,pypi-url-fix,replace-old-version,ruby-helper,typo-fix}]

prevent specified spec hooks from being run

--build-log-hook-blacklist [{files}]

prevent specified build log hooks from being run

--bugzilla-id BUG_ID

do a rebase based on Upstream Release Monitoring bugzilla


do not interact with user

--favor-on-conflict {downstream,upstream,off}

favor downstream or upstream changes when conflicts appear


do not download sources

-w,  --keep-workspace

do not remove workspace directory after finishing


apply changes.patch after a successful rebase


disable inapplicable patches in rebased SPEC file


force rebase even if current version is newer than requested version


update “sources” file and upload new sources to lookaside cache


skip uploading new sources to lookaside cache


enforce running of build log hooks (even in non-interactive mode)


do not wait for remote builds to finish

--build-tasks OLD_TASK,NEW_TASK

comma-separated remote build task ids

--builder-options BUILDER_OPTIONS

enable arbitrary local builder option(s), enclose BUILDER_OPTIONS in quotes to pass more than one

--srpm-builder-options SRPM_BUILDER_OPTIONS

enable arbitrary local srpm builder option(s), enclose SRPM_BUILDER_OPTIONS in quotes to pass more than one

--lookaside-cache-preset {fedpkg,centpkg,rhpkg,rhpkg-sha512}

use specified lookaside cache configuration preset, defaults to fedpkg

--changelog-entry CHANGELOG_ENTRY

text to use as changelog entry, can contain RPM macros, which will be expanded


do not add a changelog entry at all

--config-file CONFIG_FILE

path to a configuration file, defaults to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/rebase-helper.cfg

-D 'MACRO EXPR', --define 'MACRO EXPR'

define an rpm macro, can be used multiple times


make the created copr project permanent


make the created copr project visible on the frontpage

--copr-chroots COPR_CHROOTS

comma-separated list of chroots to create copr project with


do not build old sources, download latest build from Koji instead


replace old version string with %{version} instead of new version string

Exit Status

This program returns 0 if successful, or non-zero if there was an error.

See Also

rpmbuild(8), mock(1), rpmdiff(1), pkgdiff(1), abipkgdiff(1), csmock(1)


Petr Hráček <phracek@redhat.com>, Tomáš Hozza <thozza@redhat.com>, Nikola Forró <nforro@redhat.com>, František Nečas <fifinecas@seznam.cz>


Jul 02, 2024 0.29