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rdiff-backup-delete - Man Page

deletes a file and its whole history from a repository


rdiff-backup-delete [--dry-run] [--help] repository-sub-path


rdiff-backup-delete removes a file or directory from a repository created by 'rdiff-backup', together with its complete history.

The required argument is the pathname of the sub-directory or file within an rdiff-backup repository.

For example, after a backup with 'rdiff-backup backup source repo', potentially called multiple times, you can remove a file and its whole history with 'rdiff-backup-delete repo/somefile'.

The utility is best used to remove too big or secret files erroneously backed-up. Beware that no trace of the file will remain in the repository after its deletion.



Only show what would happen but don’t actually delete anything.

-h,  --help

Output a short usage description and exit.


None known.


Patrik Dufresne info@patrikdufresne.com

See Also

rdiff-backup(1), python(1). The rdiff-backup web page is at https://rdiff-backup.net/.


September 2023 Rdiff-Backup-Delete Manual 2.2.6