rdf2bin - Man Page

convert an RDOFF object file to flat binary


rdf2bin [-o relocation-origin] [-p segment-alignment] [-f format] input-file output-file
rdf2com [-p segment-alignment] input-file output-file
rdf2ith [-o relocation-origin] [-p segment-alignment] input-file output-file
rdf2srec [-o relocation-origin] [-p segment-alignment] input-file output-file


-o relocation-origin

Relocate at origin relocation-origin. If invoked as rdf2com, the default relocation origin will be 0x100. Else, the default origin is 0.

-p segment-alignment

Pad segments until their size is a multiple of segment-alignment. By default, 16 is used.

-f format

Specify the output format.  The currently supported formats are binary (bin), DOS COM (binary with origin 0x100) (com) Intel hex (ith or ihx), and Motorola S-Records (srec). If not specified, the format is set by the command name.


Julian Hall <jules@earthcorp.com>, H. Peter Anvin <hpa@zytor.com>.

This manual page was written by Matej Vela <vela@debian.org>.


This utility currently only supports the classic segments .text, .data and .bss.

Referenced By

The man pages rdf2com(1), rdf2ihx(1), rdf2ith(1) and rdf2srec(1) are aliases of rdf2bin(1).

September 6, 1999 Debian Project Debian Manual