rcvdist - Man Page

asynchronously receive and distribute new email


/usr/libexec/nmh/rcvdist [-help] [-version] [-form formfile] [switches for postproc] address1 ...


rcvdist accepts a message on its standard input and resends a copy of the message to all of the addresses listed on its command line.

The format of the Resent-xxx header fields is specified by the form file “rcvdistcomps”. If a file named “rcvdistcomps” exists in the user's nmh directory, it will be used instead of the default file. You may specify an alternate forms file with -form formfile.

The “rcvdistcomps” file uses the format string facility described in mh-format(5). In addition to the standard format escapes, rcvdist also recognizes the following component escape:

addressesstringthe addresses to distribute to

By default, rcvdist uses the post program to deliver the message, although this can be changed by defining the postproc profile component.


/etc/nmh/rcvdistcompsDefault message skeleton
or <mh-dir>/rcvdistcompsUser's message skeleton
/etc/nmh/mts.confnmh mts configuration file
/etc/nmh/maildeliveryDefault delivery file
$HOME/.maildeliveryUser's delivery file

See Also

rcvpack(1), rcvstore(1), rcvtty(1), slocal(1), mh-format(5)

Referenced By

nmh(7), rcvpack(1), rcvstore(1), rcvtty(1), slocal(1).

1999-04-30 nmh-1.8