raw2psf - Man Page

convert a headerless monospaced font to PSF format


raw2psf [--height=x] [--width=x] [--skip=x] [--first=x] [--last=x] [--codepage=page] [--flip] [--512] [--psf1] [--psf2] [INPUTFILE [OUTPUTFILE]]


raw2psf converts various types of raw font file (ie, one containing only bitmap font data with no headers) to the PSF format.



Specifies the height of the characters. If the raw font is being read from standard input, this option must be present; if not, it is guessed from the file size, but can be overridden if necessary.


Specifies the width of the characters (default is 8 bits, 1 byte).


Mirrors all the bytes. For importing fonts from systems such as the Apricot Xi, where the bit-to-pixel mapping is the reverse of normal.


Skip over n characters before starting to import. Use if a raw font file has several fonts, to extract the second and subsequent fonts.


Set the index of the first character to assign in the PSF (defaults to 0).  Use if the raw font does not start with character 0; for example,  Sinclair Spectrum fonts usually begin with character 32.


Set the index of the last character to assign in the PSF (defaults to 255).


Equivalent to --first=0 --last=511


Force output in the PSF1 format.


Force output in the PSF2 format (default).


Add a Unicode directory for the specified codepage, which can be identified by number or name. See psfpages(1) for a list of valid codepage names.

See Also

psf2raw(1), mda2psf(1), psfpages(1)


John Elliott <jce@seasip.demon.co.uk>.

Referenced By

mda2psf(1), psf2raw(1).

21 June, 2008 Version 1.0.8 PSF Tools