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raw2hdf - Man Page

Create an .hdf hard disk image from a raw data file


raw2hdf [OPTION] rawfile hdffile


raw2hdf converts a binary dump of a hard disk's data into an IDE disk image in .hdf format for use with Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulators.


-v version

specifies the version of .hdf image to be created. Valid values are `1.0' for a version 1.0 file and `1.1' for a version 1.1 file. Defaults to creating version 1.1 files.

-h,  --help

give brief usage help, listing available options.

-V,  --version

output version information. rawfile specifies a raw data file (or block device corresponding to an actual disk) to be converted.


specifies the .hdf file to create.


Since raw2hdf has no knowledge of the geometry of the disk from which the original image was taken (indeed, the input file need not originate from a real IDE disk at all), there is no guarantee that the information contained in the .hdf file header accurately represents the original disk. However, it will attempt to construct a header that is consistent with the size of the image, to produce an .hdf file which is functionally equivalent.


None known.

See Also

fuse(1), fuse-utils(1), libspectrum(3)

The .hdf format specification, at

The comp.sys.sinclair Spectrum FAQ, at


Matthew Westcott (matthew@west.co.tt).

Referenced By


1st July, 2018 Version 1.4.3 Emulators